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Jaime Davis provides keynote addresses for private businesses, non-profit organizations, conferences, and faith-based groups. She is authentic and delivers a message that resonates hope and light to a wide audience. Contact us today to discuss your conference or organization theme!

Jaime Davis trains on topics such as communication, customer service, relationship management, teamwork, time management, and many others. She is interactive and provides specific take-aways to assist in immediate implementation. Contact us today with your training requests!

Jaime Davis writes leadership lessons, as well as newsletter content and grant proposals. Contact us today with your writing needs!

Frequently requested TOPICs


Participants will identify their own communication style, and learn the communication cues to determine others’ communication style. Participants will also discuss strategies to flex their primary style to improve communication with others.


Participants discuss collaboration and engagement, focusing on their own collaborative strengths and weaknesses. Participants learn how to improve their ability to collaborate, and how to encourage others to fully engage.

Customer Service

Participants discuss what customer service looks and feels like for different people, and the importance of customer service as a differentiator. Participants also learn the 7 A’s of customer service and how to provide it to both internal and external customers.

Conflict Resolution

Participants discuss sources of conflict and learn the primary conflict resolution styles. Participants learn resolution vocabulary and 3 core conflict resolution skills, while also addressing how to face difficult behaviors and seek satisfactory solutions.


Participants discuss the balnace of communication, structure, and incentives that drive motivation. Participants identify 8 tips to stay alert, active, and oriented towards goal achievement.


Participants discuss key skills to build relationships with others, particularly in a professional setting. Participants address the elements of a successful service culture, including the challenges of service breakdown, and discuss the importance of follow-up as a tool in customer relationship management.


Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate others while providing the resources necessary for followers to perform. Participants will learn how to identify their areas of influence while building their skills to positively impact others.

*Specific leadership lessons are available by request. Please see the authored Leadership Lessons A-Z articles for ideas.